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These are the Bush Hog part numbers that we try to keep stocked.  Some items we only stock 1 of, so we might be temporarily out of stock at times.  Feel free to call to check stock. 
Parts numbers can be found at http://www.bushhog.com/manuals/.
Select the Category your looking for in RED.
Then select Parts Manual (pdf) for your unit. 
Part NoDescriptionPart NoDescription
14-24-1Housing  00791084Seal,
14-24-17Ring 00791085Shield
30Seal, 1550119V-Belt
37BHLOCKWASHER 3630101RH Rake, Wheel 
38BHJAMNUT 3630102LH Rake Wheel,
119Spindle Washer3666000Bearing, 
120BH3/4-16 Castle Nut, 3666700DUST CAP, 
252BHJam Nut,  3666800SEAL,
294SPWheel Assy 3667147Seal Kit,
369-1Shaft, 3667522Tine, Kicker Wheel
370BHBellville  Washer3668408NUT,
500Wheel ASSY  , 3678416WASHER, Copper,
504Seal,8154000Nut, Disc, 
1007BHSeal, 9163200LOCKNUT,
1008BHSeal, 25H40135U Bolt
1317Spindle, 25H40164Tooth, Manure   
1694Bearing, 25H40560Pin, Loader
6103-35Spacer,  25H48372Bellows
6248-2SHIM,HD, hex25H49328SEAL KIT
6249-2SHIM, Round25H49429Seal Kit, 
7114SEAL,36022245Seal Kit
7557BHBLADE 7 FT UP LIFT50017622Seal Kit, 
7828BLADE, ccw, 50017623Seal Kit,
7829BLADE, cw, 50018180Tiller Tine, RH
7919BHBlade Bolt,50018181Tiller Tine, LH
7967SEAL,50018299Switch, PTO
11150Blade,  50021176Nut, PZ 
11374DISC, Couplers, 50025511Wheel, Deck, ZT
11375Bolt,50026157Seal Kit
11378Beaded Washer50027448DUST CAP, GREEN
12263Bushing,  50027450DUST CAP, RED
15445Bolt, Hub Lug, 50027454DUST CAP, BLUE
15515BHNUT, Hub Lug, 50027488Spacer, Short, 
15811Lockwasher, 50027489Pulley, ZT
19055Bolt, Shearbolt 50027534E-Clip, ES2052
20150Bolt, 1 x 8-1/2 50027563Belt, Pump Drive
20299Locknut, 50027571Pin, PZ Deck Lock
20304Nut, Disc50028065Kit, Loader
20322LOCKWASHER50028071Seal Kit
44040BHHD Safety Washer50028131Spacer, 
44154BHLocknut, 50029158Blade,  Mulch, 
44166BHBolt, Clipped HD  50029159Blade,  Mulch, 
44357BHBolt,  Shear, 1/2 X 350029397Ring 
44378Locknut,50030223Pig Tail, ZT clutch
44430Bolt, 50030586Plug, 16mm x 1.5
44524BHLocknut,     50030588Cover, Plastic
44795Bolt, ZT Blade 50030934Key, 
45103Locknut, flanged50030944Blade Bolt, 
45109BHFlanged Lock Nut50030946Nut, Lock,
45198BH Bolt50031469Guard, 
45326BHRoll Pin, 7/32 x 350034632Blade, Twisted LH  
50054BHDust Cap50034723BELT, Deck, 
50062BHSeal,50034847Lock Washer, Hi Loc,
51243V Packing, 50035301Spring, Flex Wing
51490V Packing, 50035740HUB ASSY
51495V Packing, 50035750AXLE, Big Hub, 
53093BHDust cap, 50038405Lockwasher
61254Steel Tip W/Pin50040103Front Skid  
61481NUT, JAM 50040379WING SKID
61482NUT, JAM50040768IDLER FLAT, 
63607BLADE BOLT KIT50042562Belts, 
63811Bushing, 50043348Spring, ZT
64657Spring50044451Blade, Mulch
64814Sheild Safety Chain 50045469Shaft, CZ & PZ ZT
64856Wire, Cylinder50045472Sheave, 
64866WIRE, VICTOR 50045504Switch, Steering
65345Pin, SLOW, 5)50045666Stump Jumper,
66875Bearing Collar, 50045942Adapter
67495Sandwich Mount, 50046900PIN, ZT Rollbar
67744Blades,50047108Belt, Deck, 61"  
68297Shear Pin, old SQ50047122Throttle Control
70076Nut, 50047123Push-Pull Control
70077Washer , 50047153Pin, Seat Lock, ZT
70080Seal, 50047270Turnbuckle
70115SEAL50047912Switch, Ignition
70134Seal, 50048562Grommet, Gas tank
70145OIL SEAL 50048610Switch, ZT, Seat
70180OIL SEAL 50048640Spindle Assy, PZ,
70191Vent Plug50049026Bushing, PZ  
70393Vent Plug50049593Bracket,
70418Castle Nut 50049635BELT, ES2052K2,3,4
70546Vent Plug  50049649IDLER, FLAT, 
70575Seal, 50050694Shear Bolt Kit, 
70576Protective Shield, 50051838Spear, SM
70691Shield50051839Nut, Bale Spear
70694Nut, 24mm  50052097Rear Brace,
70695Washer, 24mm  50052742Turnbuckle
70698Seal, 50052929Filter, Hydrostat
70722Snap Ring,50052930Cap , 
70725CAP, GearBox50053021Protector, Seal
70796BEARING 50053434Pulley, 
70913Seal, 50053459Bushing, ZT
71394Outer Cardan Tube50053705Tapered Pin 
71042Bushing50053711Bearing, 2/set,
76057Retaining Collar50054510spDRIVELINE CV 
76059Retaining Collar50054545BLADE,  CCW, 2715
76064Tapered Pin Set50054546BLADE, CW, 2715
76080SPRING, clutch50054710Bracket
76082BUSHING, clutch50054988Eyebolt, 
76084CLUTCH SUPPORT,50055028Spring, CZ & PZ
76085Inner Plate  50055030ROPS Stop, ZT
76247Tapered Pin Set50055031BUSHING, Flanged
76309CLUTCH SUPPORT,50055032Bushing, PZ deck
76661Protective Washer50055295Skids
76664Flat Washer50055393Lockwasher
80538VENT PLUG 50055416Arm, ZT
81395Blade, RZ,50055781BELT HD 
81976Bolt, Shear, 50056405SHEILD BEARING
81977Bolt, Shear,50056447PTO TUBING,
82324BLADE, 60"50056453Clutch Lining, 
82325BLADE, 72" 50056493Blade CW , 61" cut, 
83043Seal, 50056494Blade, CW, 55" cut
83379Bolt, Shear, Digger50056498Blade, CW, 52" cut, 
84612Spacer, Tailwheel, 50056888Clevis Hitch,
84613SPACER, Tailwheel, 50057117Stump Jumper, 
85015BHSeal Kit, 50057347Stump Jumper, 
85398BUSHING, 50058299Trans Filter
86068BHNut, Plastic, 50058530Blades,
86219Seal Kit  50058531Blades,
86223Gasket, 50058581Stump Jumper, 
86664BLADE, CCW, 50058582Stump Jumper, 
86665BLADE, CW,50060002Strap 
86873BOLT, DM50062245Seal
87387SEAL, 50063434Pin Kit,
87396SEAL,50066609Carbide Edge
87400Shield, DM  50066610Point, PHDigger  
87750WHEEL, Caster , 50067488Axle
87992FASTENER,SHIELD50067490Hub, Tail Wheel
88663IDLER ASSEMBLY50067492Tail Wheel Fork
88687Bushing,50067496Nut, 19mm Hex
88695Yoke, Caster wheel50068022Belt, 
88754Washer50068116OIL SEAL 
88773BLADE, CW, 50068272BLADE, 
88775Plate, DM50068383GAS CAP, 
88777Plate, DM50068520Cover
88879Seal, 50069411Center Axle, 
88843BELT,50069764SPCV Shaft, HD, Flex
88873Nut, Blade 50069839Fork
90014BHBLADE, CW, 312650070256Throttle Handle Ball
90015BLADE, CCW, 312650070521Flex Coupler
90391Spring, ATH50070638Push Bar
90938Taper Pin Kit,  50070683Linkage, PZ
90939SEAL KIT50070699Belt, Hydro 
90940BHSEAL KIT, Loader,50071362LW, 
91042Sandwich Mount, 50071363Nut, 
91152Spring Cup,50072228Edges, Digger
91261Rubber Cushion,50072375Hydro Filter, 
91592BLADE, RH, GHM50072964Stop, Arm Assy, RH
91593BLADE, LH, GHM50072973Stop, Front, RH
92007TUBE weld, Axle50072976Stop, Front, LH
92133Bushing, 2615,50072978Stop, Arm Assy, LH
92150Axle, Old Style50073119Axle, Single 
93080Spray Paint50073485Spring, BSR
94900BELT,50073061Bushing, Rake Arm
97389Bearing, ZT50073080Bushings, BSR 
98539Plug,50073485Spring, Raking Arm
99050E Clip, ES205250073528Seal Kit, BSR
99073Switch, Zt500739462815 Flex Wing TOY
99093Flanged Bearing50074050Pulley
99290Spacer, 50074100Protector, Seal,
99291Spacer, finish50074102Dust Cap, BSR,
526215Blade, DM7,8,9  50074138Seal Kit, BSR
526216Blade, DM7,8,950074256Seal, BSR
526472Shield,  500745836205-ZZ Bearing
526903BOLT, 50076548Eye Bolt
527490STOP, BLADE50076631Blade,  RH & Center
527745BHBolt,  50076632Blade,  LH
00779390Hub Cap Retainer50100875Spring
00790983Copper Gasket50101072Seal Kit

Prices Subject to CHANGE without prior notice.