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Get on Marvins Winter Hay Tools Repair List.
Marvin recommends all equipment  be completely serviced atleast every other year.  Equipment that is used alot needs it every year, to offset down time when you need it the most. No or very little use is sometimes as hard on the equipment as regular use.  Because with regular use, you are greasing and inspecting as you go.  Sitting in the shed; things rust, freeze, stick up, get lost and sometimes fall apart.

Dont let the Hay Season sneak up on you.  If you wait until 2 month prior to cutting, we probably wont have time to fix your baler.  If you get all of your Hay Equipment Checked Over and Repaired this winter and keep it inside, it will be ready to go when You are.  
We service every NEW item that we sell and most of the USED items as well.  We can perform the warranty on almost every new item we sell. We can't do the warranty on items that we didn't sell, please, take it back to whom it was bought from.  We can service items bought from someone else, but we can't do it for free. 

Believe it or not, we are in this business to make a profit, because the profit is our only paychecks. 

Ever wonder why someone else might be cheaper.
1. Was it assembled and assembled correctly?
     Marvin makes sure every item is right before we sell it.  Sometimes he disassembles what the factory assembled cause he doesn't like how it was done.
2. Do they stock parts or know anything about the service of it?
     We try to stock the parts that we think you will need for the units that we sell.    
. Are they Independently owned or do they have multiply locations?
    Our only location is in Flaherty, KY, we have been here for more than 50 years.  We dont have the buying power of 3 stores, but we are small enough to be able to explain the items that you buy from us.
4. Are they close by for all of those small items?
    We can't stay in business selling just the little items.  If we wasnt here anymore, think about how much it would cost you to drive to those mega stores for every small item that you need. 
5. Does the mega store have experienced people to answere your questions?
We might not be the smartest people on the planet, but we know our products.  We are in the parts and service business.  We can sell you the parts  and  do the services that you need.

Prices Subject to CHANGE without prior notice.